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Paratransit \ Ambulette Insurance FAQs

What is  What is is an internet-based referral service that connects ambulette and paratransit owners and operators seeking insurance with professionals who specialize in this area. Through our industry experience we have business connections with a number of superior medical transportation insurance specialists who can assist you with all your insurance needs.

What is  Is there a fee to use

No. is a free, no-obligation service to operators of non-emergency medical transportation services . Our referral service is quick and easy to use. There are no salespersons calling to your office. Since we are an internet referral service all communication is via email or phone. Your contact details are not used for any other marketing or promotional purposes.

Can I speak to someone at  Can I speak to someone at is an internet-based referral service so the best way to get assistance on your insurance needs is to submit a free quote request. You can also contact us with general questions through our contact request form. We will be glad to discuss how we may best assist you.

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